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That's so nice and soft and warm (warmfull? so much warmness ? I do'nt know how to express that) 


ha ha cool, funny and cute.

want to see my game called 10 blocks?

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Thank you x)

I've looked into 10 blocks. Nice game idea! I'd recommend to change the color of the border of the map. I accidently thought it was also an obstacle and would lead to a restart. The smooth trail of the ball is really cool!


Thanks for the feedback, I just learned how to add a trail

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I think the goal is to lure the duck into submission by smashing your mouse so that the pebbles are gradually closer to your hand, that way you earn the duck's trust and you get to pet it.
EDIT: That said, it reminded me of a tamagotchi and I was happy + worry free for the whole 3 minutes that I played. Nice game! :D

You fully got my intension for this game!
I'm very glad, about you having several happy minutes <3


I didn't have that much idea of what I was doing but it's definitely cute =)

Awww, thanks! I'm very happy about your feedback!